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Those of you on that super high protein diet, do you take fiber supplements? When I was on a high protein and low carb diet, I noticed my digestive system practically stopped and thought I should maybe have started taking supplemental fiber. Someone else also mentioned getting dizzy spells and I noticed when I would get up, I'd get dizzy and my vision would start to go dark. Since upping my protein/carbs to a more normal 40/40 proportion, my digestive system is back on track and no more dizzy spells. Just wondering if you found solutions to those things or not?
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Originally Posted by wannabefitgrl View Post
Those of you on that super high protein diet, do you take fiber supplements?
I don't take supplements but I do try to overload on vegetables so I handle all of my fiber needs that way. I do agree that if I don't get my vegetables for an extended period of time my plumbing completely gums up. My easiest fix at that point is to turn to beans because even though they're fairly high in digestible carbs, they run through the system fast, get it jump started, and best of all I get to keep shoveling protein into my pie hole

Then I just pick up where I left off and do the best I can.
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My diet is mainly protein and no problems with digestive system.. I drink a gallon of water a day and eat my greens.

Although I must say If I eat junk! well lots of carbs, and all the stuff I used to eat on a regular basis... My belly is not happy and you might not want to be in the same room cause I get BAD gut rot...

I mentioned blackouts but that was from the V-Diet... not a regular high protein diet.
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