New Here, Trying to Diet but Need Help

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Default New Here, Trying to Diet but Need Help

Hi my name is Morena and I'm 29 and trying to diet. I just had a baby 10 wks ago so I'm trying to loose that baby weight plus more. I'm only 5'4 and am 210lbs. I've tried weight watchers, alli and my husband is trying to get me to do the atkins diet. My problem is getting motivated to stick to a diet. I don't really eat junk food, but I guess it's more the amount of servings I eat. I try to walk everyday 30-60 minutes a day, but I know that's not enough. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there something that has worked for you all. Has anyone used appetite suppressants? Have they worked? I really want to get in shape not only for my family, but for myself and my health.

Any advice, tips would be appreciated. Thanks.
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I'm a little older, but in the same height and weight ball park, 5'-2" and started at 244 pounds. I've lost 55 and this morning weighed 189. I started dieting in October, but quit between Thanksgiving and X-mas. I've lost 49 of the 55 since Boxing Day. What I do is strive for a healthy balanced diet and keep my calories below 1500-1600. I follow a pretty simple daily diet really, 3 pieces of fresh fruit, 6-10 servings of vegetables (fresh, broiled or boiled with no added oil or fat), 3-4 servings of low-cal lean proteins (at least one of fat free dairy) and 2 servings of low-cal, low-fat grain based carbs. I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner plus an afternoon snack everyday. Skipping meals always sets me up for a fall because I'll binge in the end.

I also take a pretty hard ride on our elliptical every morning, usually in the neighborhood of 45 minutes. So I think your 30-60 minute walk is on the right track, especially if you push yourself and possibly push a stroller or carry weights. Once or twice a week I hit the gym for a one hour weight lifting session (truthfully I do this sometimes just to get a break from the kids....). I find as long as I keep my calorie intake lower than what I burn by 1000-1500 calories, I'm losing pretty steadily. At this point my diet is going well enough that I'm pretty sure I'll see 120 pounds by Christmas.
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First off, you spent 9 months putting on the baby weight. Expect it to take as long to get off. Sudden losses will be gained back, because that lifestyle isn't sustainable. Walking is excellent for your health, and the weather is getting nicer so you can take the baby with you. The one thing that has worked for me better than anything is religiously tracking what I eat. That includes sharing snacks with the kids or finishing those last few Goldfish they leave on the plate. I also measure everything! Either with a measuring cup or a food scale, I picked one up really cheap at Target. Just seeing in black and white what different foods cost you calorie-wise leads to better choices. If your calories in is less than your calories out, you'll lose weight. But-you have to eat! If you cut back too far, you'll go into starvation metabolism and the weight won't go anywhere. I have not found any miracle appetite suppresants-if someoene else has, please speak up!! lol

If you're able to, strength training will help you out tremendously. Vary your workouts, or vary your walking speed. Most of all, don't give up! You will be frustrated at times, and it never ever goes as fast as we want it to. If you have a bad day, don't chuck it all out the window, just start again the next day. Change is hard, but it is doable. Good luck and hope to see you often.
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The best diet isn't one that you should have to stick to. The best diet should come naturally. Make small changes in what you eat. Read ingredient labels and don't buy anything that contains something you have trouble pronouncing. Eat more real food, i.e., things you can identify by looking at them. Whole vegetables and fruits, whole cuts of meat, whole eggs, whole dairy. Calorie control is important too, but you'll be surprised at just how much processed foods gum up your bodily machinery.

Try to avoid excessive supplementation. The only supplements you really need IMO are fish oil, a multivit and MAYBE protein powder if you don't eat that much meat.

Congratulations on the little one and good luck on your journey!

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Im new here too. Just joined. The best diet i have ever tried is South Beach. Im starting it again. I was never hungry and lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks. which is an AMAZING amount of weight for me to lose considering I have hypothyroid and pcos. I have tried appetite suppressants and phentermine. I dont know if your breastfeeding or not but DONT take any of that if your breastfeeding (you prob already know that ) Phentermine is a Vaso-restrictor which means it can make you have high blood pressure or cause blood pooling/clots. I loved the way it made me feel but I had to stop taking it because my legs turned blue....uh oh! I never had an appetite suppressant work for longer than a couple of weeks. THE BEST THING I have ever found to curb my appetite is water! I know that sounds all "good for you! yum! water...shut up!" but seriously it works. I dont eat sweets or junk food real often but i do LOVE red wine and coke....not together, seperately lol! so my biggest thing is stopping drinking my calories. So water really helps me. I hope this helps. Im the fattest ive ever been in my life and im very determined to lose it right now. i know how....i just have to stick with it. btw...atkins is a joke. its high fat (not even the good kind of fat) and high sodium. South Beach is by far the best low carb in my opinion...but you know what they say about peoples opinions. Im going to shut up now.
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Make salads your best friend. Have a large one before every dinner and you won't have more than one plate of food... you will be full. Breakfast start off with an orange and an apple and then figure out if you still need the same amount of breakfast.
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Some good tips here already. I wouldn't choose a fad diet like Atkins or whatever else is out there-too many rules and most people don't follow them forever. Adding all the fruits and vegetable someone else mentioned is great, and eating a big salad before dinner-love that suggestion. Number one is noting all the food you eat, every little bit. I was shocked at how much I ate once I kept track, and knowing I have to write it down actually stops me from consuming more. The hard part is being honest in that because it can be easy to "forget" to write down that last cupcake before bed.
I think walking 30-60 minutes a day is a fabulous start. I'd just keep with that and as the pounds come off, you can increase your intensity and possibly start jogging. A bit of weight training or calisthenics would be good to add eventually too. You don't even have to join a gym, many exercises can be done at home using your body weight. Do some google searches and you'll find something you like! Good luck!
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im currently taking phentermine. it is expensive, but helps me choose good things to eat and not just eat when i am bored or b/c im so hungry and eat fast food. it can raise your blood pressure, but i have low blood pressure so i am ok. but you cant take it forever so you have to use it as a crutch to help you make good food choices, etc. and learn to eat healthy again so when you stop taking it, you dont gain it back later! good luck!
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I had good results on Atkins, but for me, I couldn't stay on it very long. I'm on the Dash Diet and have had wonderful results, Noom is good if you can afford it. Both menus are pretty much the same, lots of vegetables and fruits, eating 4-5 times daily. Lots of healthy snacks, like carrots with peanut butter, apples, nuts and yogurt. I'm never hungry and my energy level is high.

As the post above said, find something that fits you and your family.
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