What is the best diet to loose body fat?

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Add some resistance training into your routine. Bodyweight workouts are great for beginners. Things like Burpees, pushups, Inverted rows, bodyweight squats are all fantastic exercises. The key to getting your body fat down is building lean muscle. Muscle uses fat for energy, so if you build lean muscle then the extra body fat that is being carried will burn as energy. Dieting will help you lose weight, but what you really need to KEEP the weight off is a lifestyle change. Instead of DIETING, make clean, healthy eating an everyday routine. If you do a 30-40 minute resistance training routine 3times per week along with 40 minutes of cardio (running, biking) everyday and eating clean, you will see your body fat drop and you will feel and look great in no time. If you need ideas on nutrition or exercise, message me. I have y own training facility in Wilmington, De and I love helping people.
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Hey there everyone. I started Phase II recently of my diet.

Here is what it currently consists of:

Phase I - 25 days total (from an estimated 21-30 days)
The same 1500 - 1600 calories diet as Phase I
5-8 16.9 ounce bottles of water every 2 hours throughout the day (Mio for flavor) + 2 16.9 ounce bottles for exercise

Phase II - 30 days
+250 calories for each day (twice/day 125 calories for each period) exercising
Exercise on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat. / Rest days on Tues, Thurs, Sun.

Exercise at this time is 30 minutes on stationary bike (due to lots of rain recently) in the morning and then 30 minutes of walking in the late afternoon with my friend.

The extra 250 calories is easily (mostly) digestible for quick energy and to help curb cravings.

For the morning, I increase my yogurt to double its intake, and then have 1/2 extra banana. I also have one extra bottle of water (with Mio). Any fatigue I have from exercising disappears within an hour.

For the late afternoon, I have an increased dinner with a higher serving size of potatoes, vegetables, and increased protein. The total increase is approximately 125 calories, with more focus on protein for muscle repair. I also have one extra bottle of water (with Mio) after exercising. Any fatigue I have from exercising disappears within an hour or so.

I have been on Phase II for 5 days, and I have lost .8 pounds, so I am right on track. I have lost a total of 16.8 pounds since starting 35 days ago. My legs get a little tired, but I do not get the stiffness or pain from exercising that I used to when I would try similar exercising. My goal is 1-1.25 pounds lost per week and I am right on track.

Although I have slowed on weight loss, the inches are still getting smaller around my waist and hips.
I've lost two sizes so far with my jeans and I feel great!

I hope this helps other people in my age category for considering a diet that works for them.

May 27, 2014
It has been 2 extra days on Phase II and I gained almost a pound.

At first I was upset about it, but my husband reassured me that it is a combination of weight and inches I should be worrying about, and not to get too caught up on the numbers for weight. Sure enough, I found my jeans fit even looser today and my measurement showed I had lost another .25 inches around my hips and another 3/8 inches around my waist since Saturday. Sometimes it is so easy to forget there are going to be plateaus. My husband says it is because the exercise, even with this short duration, is building muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat. I can definitely feel it. My legs seem to have some increased strength and my endurance has definitely improved. It is such a blessing to have him to reassure me, as I was severely tempted to take "a break" from my diet and exercise since I seemed to go up .9 pounds. However, as long as we keep going together, I know I can make my goal by October.

I'm mainly posting this here to remind people not to give up on their diets so easily (as it really can be so simple to stop!) and to remember the long term goal does require effort and focus to reach it. I hope people can see my story and help remember that the journey is as important as the destination for these kinds of plans.

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Hi Lisa,
Stick with your physical activities and add whole grain bread, salmon fish, eggs, oatmeal, berries, broccoli, lean chicken, low fat dairy, almonds, brown rice and olive oil more in your daily meals.

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Try Atkins diet is best diet for weight loss program because this contains low carbohydrates. It involves restricted use of carbohydrates to switch the bodyís metabolism from metabolizing glucose as energy over to exchanging stored body fat to energy. So try to engage with this diet plan, if you really wish to lose body weight or maintain proper body structure.
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In my opinion the best diet for lose weight is hcg drops diet and plan from Dr.Atkins

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Default Detox!!

For quick and sustainable(!!) weight loss and, more importantly health, I would recommend a detox. I feel great after mine. I wrote a blog on my experience, if anyone wants to read just PM me
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Vegetables, salad, shakes the best diet is for weight loss. Eat fresh Cucumber is also very helpful to lose fats.

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I think best diet for lose weight is hcg dropsdiet I just love that diet

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I agree that whole foods plant based is the way to go. Drop the diet and adopt a lifestyle that you can maintain for long term. What's the point of losing if you're just going to gain it all back again? Increase activity and lower calorie intake by cutting out animal foods, oils, and processed foods. Find healthy substitutes that you enjoy.
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Hey lisa...
Lost 22 kgs in one go.. Well i must appreciate and congratulate for this. Not bad...!!! And according to me aerobic cardio and doing weights is enough for you. Excessive exercise and workout can cause negative effect on your body.As far as the best diet is concerned eat healthy and fibrous food. Avoid junk and oily food as it increases your body fat, causing various diseases.
A few months back, i was also trying to reduce my weight.But i opted for skinny fiber , a daily dietary supplement. I was able to loose 10 kgs within three months without any side effects. And actually my diabetes and blood pressure problems also reduced. I would suggest you to try it once.
good luck..

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