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Talking Former HCG Skeptic Turned Believer

If you want to skip the whole gushing story, I've been on an HCG diet for about a month and I'm down from 165 to 137 pounds - about 2 pound away form my goal, and I'm not stopping there!

I was hunting around a month or so ago to a dietary supplement to take with my newly adopted, highly active life. This involves a lot of low-impact exercise and eating whole food products wherever I can (cutting out processed things, adding raw vegetables, and drinking only water or juice I make myself).

Unfortunately, this also meant that I wasn't getting things like calcium, the right kinds of protein, and my body was missing importants salts (according to my nutritionist), which were contributing to my muscle cramps from exercise and lack of energy throughout the day. She suggested a number of vitamins and compounds, and gave me a list of things to consider.

Well, I really don't like starting my day by staring at a line-up of horse pills to choke on before exercising, just to get my body pumped full of chemicals, nor do I have time to prepare a huge meal in the mornings, so I started searching and visiting the local wellness centers (I'm in Austin, TX) to see what information I could gather.

As I said, I didn't want a bunch of pills, nor did I want to buy something that turned out to be snake oil with alcohol as the base solvent. I wanted something with some sort of credibility, and documented positive effects.

I was VERY suspicious of HCG anything, at first, but the more I read and talked about it, the more it made sense.

That's when I was pointed in the direction of GreenHCG (yes, I'm bragging), which claimed to provide B-12 and the salts my nutritionist mentioned. Being skeptical by nature, I did some digging and found they offered dietary supplement drops. This is big for me, because I didn't want to throw money at something that came with pages and pages of disclaimers. These guys seemed like the real deal, so I gave it a shot.

When the drops arrived, I made no changes exercise routine (though you should totally gorge yourself in the beginning because of how quickly you burn calories while your body adjusts), save for the addition of GreenHCG. In less than 4 days (actually 2, now that I look back at my journal), I noticed that I had more energy during the day, was sleeping better at night, and most importantly - NO CRAMPS!

If you're keeping a sugar/starch free diet like I am, check these out. My nutritionist has even started using them, and she's noticed an improvement as well.

I'm about a month into using them, so my body is more than adjusted to the change and I find I can pupsh myself more without feeling worn out, not feel like my body is "lacking" anything (and it's that lacking that makes us crave the unhealthier junk foods), and I feel calmer at night and fall asleep more easily.

I was skeptical, and didn't want to say "THIS STUFF IS AWESOME!" before trying it out, and getting burned...but, THIS STUFF IF AWESOME!

Oh yeah, it should also be noted that I'm about a case and a half of beer (weight I gained at the end of college) lighter - and I never thought I'd ever see that flab disappear - since using the GreenHCG drops.

TL;DR - In a month I'm down from 165 Lbs to 137 (and counting)

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Sorry, but this seems like spam to me.
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Because it reads like an infomercial? Is that was gives it away?

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