Dangers of the Atkins Diet!

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I am a recent convert to the Atkins Diet. I have to admit that I was really skiddish about it prior to reading the book (The New Atkins For a New You). But after reading the book and getting the correct facts for myself, I was convinced this was it!! I have not been on this way of eating for long at all but I can tell you that my blood sugars regulated immediately and I can feel the difference in my body. I'm losing FAT, I don't have the cravings I've had with previous diets I've tried (and failed). This one...I can do and maintain it for the long haul (Lifetime Maintenance is my goal now)! It works for me and has worked for sooo many others. Don't poo-poo something you don't understand, do the research for yourself and THEN decide!
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I'm on the second week of Atkins and I'm feeling really good about this diet. I'm type 2 diabetic and my blood sugar is running 100 - 113 everyday for the past week. I don't have to take my Byetta anymore and hopefully I will be able to stop taking Metfromin one of these days. Before this diet my blood sugar was running 175 and sometimes in the 250 range. I get checked every three months and my kidneys are great! I will see how things go when I go back in three months from now.

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[QUOTE=littlegreeneone;16657]However, after a long period of lack of carbohydrates, the liver begins to produce ketone bodies leading to a condition called ketosis. Ketone bodies create an acidic pH in the blood, causing the body to suck calcium out of the bones to neutralized the blood pH.QUOTE]

Ketosis is NOT a negative condition; KETOACIDOSIS is. And if you're not a Type 1 diabetic, you are NOT going to have to worry about Ketoacidosis. I don't low carb (not nearly as low carb as Atkins or Bernstein -- though Atkins is primarily based around veggies and protein), but I AM a T1 diabetic and I have been hearing this misunderstanding for YEARS. What Atkins results in is often referred to as "benign dietary ketosis." This is hardly the same thing as Ketoacidosis. Ketoacidosis is the state in which many/most T1s are diagnosed -- it is the result of a lack of insulin in the body, and the body begins to burn fat.

Also, a low carb diet does NOT automatically equal a high protein diet. The ONLY time that a high protein diet poses any danger is when there is already existing damage to the kidneys or other physical compromise. Eating a meal based in veggies and protein (which a lot of my meals are, given that I want to use as little insulin as possible, since less carbs equals less insulin equals less swings from high to low and less dangerous, severe lows, which is my worst issue relative to diabetes).

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Wink Ketoacidosis vs Ketosis

LGo - I think you may be (as stated by Christine above) confused...

they've come out with LOTS of very good recent info about low carb diets and it's all good.

btw I've been on Atkins off and on for 30-40 years ( omg i'm so old ) - and my blood pressure, chloresterol numbers and liver/kidney function - are all so good that my doctor is jealous of me :-)

check out this comparison of the two ketone-induced states:

Ketosis and ketoacidosis - Weight Awareness - Health information, help, news, directory and community
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Dr. Atkins was a cardilogist who died from head injuries suffered in a fall at the age of 72.
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Atkins is only dangerous if you're an idiot who can't follow basic instructions

Unfortunately there are idiots out there. Natural selection takes care of them.
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According to a website on weight loss....

Years after his death in 2003, the rumor that Dr. Robert Atkins "died of his own diet" persists. The falsehoods concerning his death are mainly propagated by the vegan group the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and related groups and individuals. However, even the mainstream media is not blameless. In March 2007, Newsweek magazine published an opinion piece by Dr. Dean Ornish which contained the same untruths, which were later retracted by the magazine.

The website further said that the truth is Dr. Atkin's slipped on ice on his way to work, hit his head, there was internal bleeding and he died from this bleeding.
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Why did you mention mobic? It's an anti-inflamatory drug and you seemed t be speaking about cholestrol meds. I recently started taking mobic in place of relafen. Does it cause weight loss problems? I'm on Atkins and I lost 60 pounds but nothing in a few months. I'm close to my goal but having trouble with the last 15 lbs. Maybe the mobic? I appreciate any insight you have. Thanks
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I read the book The China Study and saw the documentary Forks Over Knives at a prescreening last year. I am now a vegetarian, with vegan tendencies The movie scared me. It is backed up by years of research saying meat and dairy, even in small doses, are not a good thing. My mom, who was diabetic and overweight switched to vegan after the movie and that move alone has completely reversed her diabetes so she is no longer on medication, and she has dropped 25 lbs since September. Her cholesterol and all of her numbers dropped dramatically, too. That's proof enough for me.
Meat grosses me out anyway, so it wasn't too hard. I don't try to push vegetarianism on anyone, but for me, it's the obvious choice, and after seeing what I saw, and reading what I have read, I can never go back.
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Are you still eating grains? Or rather, are you still eating them in the same amount as you were before? The reason I ask is because many people who go vegan/vegetarian tend to increase their intake of salads, and therefore decrease their intake of pasta and breads, in addition to eliminating meat. Many of the benefits of vegetarianism you describe can really be attributed to simply reducing or eliminating grains, particularly wheat, from the diet. Many, many people have enjoyed the same health benefits of decreased weight, lower LDL, reducing reliance on meds, etc. from reducing grains and continuing to eat meat in substantial amounts.
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