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kalebkramer 12-05-2017 06:25 AM

To obtain the full benefits of the antioxidants in green tea, you should take green tea in between meals.
If you want to use green tea to lose weight, you can take it along with your meals. However, you should only do this if you donít have a very sensitive stomach

nancyrob21 12-29-2017 06:36 AM

Good thread.

aprilrussellz 01-25-2018 04:56 AM

I love green tea =) Itís packed with immune boosters and antioxidants. Itís weight loss effects is even greater when paired with proper exercise.

Noe! 02-13-2018 10:32 AM

green tea with jasmine is my favorite type of all. I switched to green tea a couple years ago and noticed that it freshes me up and helps me to be more effective during the whole day.

ambermi 04-25-2018 01:26 PM

I used to drink green tea to stay up at night and study. It works better than coffee however I noticed insomnia and a slight tremor when I consumed 3 cups a day. That's why I only drink green tea once in the mornings.

ayurvedic123 05-03-2018 07:17 AM

Best Time To Drink Green Tea

More in summer, less in winter.
Not as your early morning cuppa.
Two hours before or after a meal.
At least two hours before bedtime.
Two to three cups a day is the limit.
Regular consumption coupled with exercise aids weight loss.

AyurvedaHealth 05-03-2018 09:29 AM

Drink in morning is the best way.

joshuamiller7602 05-14-2018 11:33 AM

Green tea, loaded with antioxidants, burn the excess amount of stored fat in the body. Along with this, it also has several health benefits. you can get more information at

danielhenry12 05-25-2018 12:35 PM

I used to drink green tea at early in the morning and rest all time according to my mood. Mostly I drink it with the Ginger and honey mix for my fitness and healthy skin. Green Tea has been accepted all over the world for its health benefits.

johnysmith 07-03-2018 06:43 AM

Green tea is helpful in early morning with best results.

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