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Swap your regular cheese for goat's cheese. It's 40 per cent lower in calories than cheese made from cow's milk.
Drink oolong tea instead of water. The combination of caffeine and EGCGs will burn 12 per cent more body fat.
Choose spinach ahead of other greens. It packs double the fibre, which helps your body process fats more efficiently.
A daily glass of red wine can stop you putting on fat, especially around your belly. Resveratrol from the grapes inhibits the development of fat cells.
Eat more berries to lose weight. Other fruits contain fructose, which can combine with carbs to add body fat.
Eating a bowl of muesli two hours before training increases fat burning during your session. Muesli is a slowdigesting carbohydrate and is less likely to be transferred to the body as fat. A good energy boost.
Eat 'good' fats to burn fat. Eggs, walnuts, rapeseed oil and the dark meat in chicken are all good for this, and also help cut the risk of heart disease.
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