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Thanks Robin.

Originally Posted by amalthea1892 View Post
8 glasses water/day (tea counts): 6, Yes, Maybe - I did not count, Yes, Likely, Unlikely
Limit sweets: Mostly Yes, Yes, No, Yes, No
Exercise 3x this week (home or gym): Tue, Thu, Sunday
Limit processed foods: Yes, Yes, No, Not really, did okay, did okay
No BBQ: Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
Dump the brownies (in the garbage!): DH ate them all first, I'll count it as a Yes
Vitamins!: Yes, Forgot, Forgot, Yes
Do not go to the St Patties day feast at work Monday… errr: Did not go to the feast, but I did grab a small slice of Irish soda bread on my way past the left-overs counter.

Last night was family dinner night - aka included cake and wine! Oh well... Tonight is a birthday party for one of DS classmates. At Chuck e Cheeses! Errr... Plan is to eat something before we leave and wait until we get home for another small snack.
Good job this week. Awesome job on exercising and on resisting the BBQ.
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