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Originally Posted by Robingen View Post
Mike I seriously don't think you are doing anything wrong and I don't even think your weight loss has stalled. I just don't believe that you can expect to see a loss every day. Isn't a plateau defined as 14 days or something? I know you lost a bunch of weight before but it must have happened the same way, a bunch the first week and then slowing way down? I would just hate to see you discouraged over some phenomenon which must be normal/expected....
Congrats on the walking!

Yeah, I'm sure it's normal. I am happy with my loss for such little time so I'm keeping positive. Even if by some chance I don't lose any more to finish off my 2 weeks, 11 pounds isn't bad... although 14 would be better.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to have a cheat day Monday. It probably won't be my "normal" 5000-6000 calorie cheat day but I will eat some of the things that I've been missing.
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