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Jezzie - good to see you back here. Sorry you're still not feeling well. You deserve to rant. It's awful to be in pain. Have you checked into the RotatoReliever? At the end of 2010, with my left arm by my side, I couldn't move it more than 6 inches forward without massive pain. Nothing docs tried helped. I was resigned to living the rest of my life with my arm/shoulder like that. After wearing that device at night and doing the exercises for about 50 days, I was completely pain free and had complete range of motion back - and it's stayed that way. (I swear, I have absolutely no financial interest in the product - I'm just still thankful that I found it.)

I just got back from the batting cages. I used to hit at medium speed, but today I was only hitting 5 of 25 at that speed. I think my timing was fine, but I was swinging too low for some reason. I thought maybe it was my eyes that were off, but at the slow speed, I got 25 of 25, so did 3 rounds of those. I haven't been to the cages for two years (I broke my thumb about 2 yrs ago and for a while was afraid to do stuff like this with it). I'll go again in a few weeks and try medium again. I think that probably burned only about 50-100 calories, but it was a lot of fun.
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