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Default Mon.

  • Calories < 1200 (M-Th): 1602
  • Calories < 1600 (F, S, S):
  • Cholesterol < 200mg: 192
  • Vegetables > 3 / day: 3
  • Workout > 120 min/wk: 30
  • Protein > 50 g / day: 84
  • Plant! (Wed, Thurs): (not yet)
Darlene, I've got a small garden w/ spinach, lettuce, some other stuff (mache? sorrel? I don't know), and bush beans. I've got some Plumeria planted above it, so as the leaves come in on the trees the lettuce will get some shade and hopefully won't bolt. We've got a big problem with bolting around here. Elsewhere, I've got a bunch of herbs, mostly in pots right now. And a few orchids. I like orchids even if every year I swear I'm done with them.

Ama, Famous Dave's. Yum. Good thing they don't have one around here, but then again, they don't because he's got too much competition in this area.

Mike, I think I carried the weekend over into Monday. You motivated me to buy apples today at lunch. We were out. Congrats on your success so far.

Hope, you purtinear got the South'n thing down.

Jenn, You're not the only one hearing that echo when you ask where everyone is....

- Donna

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