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Jamie, hope you got your worries in order – the time on the water should provide a relief, but you do have to be able to get there!

Ron, not bad indeed, impressive day – glad you could get your workout in, and support the family out of town.

SW – impressive ˝ sounds like perfect conditions, I wonder if I’ll ever do that? Work up to a 10 K first….

Pam, my winter prep consists of removing the dead stuff, removing leaves, and preparing to shovel! The hills stood no chance with you!

Ladymiseryali NICE – keep moving, it’s a while before we worry about snow – and digging out the sidewalks is great exercise!

I hate people who are always telling their dreams, but I had a terrifying one last night – I dreamed I overslept, and missed my run… I was actually relieved to wake up and see it was only 3:00 AM – plenty of time to still sleep!
Got in 4 ˝ miles, pretty flat, but my 5K time was 25.30, and the overall was 40 minutes.
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