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Originally Posted by rpmcduff View Post
How was the 1/2 marathon? Gun shows are usually fun. (I will be working our family booth at the Denver show next weekend.) What kind of guns were you shooting? We did a shoot a couple of weeks ago with some friends and customers. Had AR-15s, AK-47, Shotguns, 22s, pistols & revolvers. We set up a little 3 gun course where you started with a pistol, changed to AR or AK for a couple of long targets then finished with a shotgun.
The 1/2 went well, I started way in the back and worked my up to the 2:10 pacer at about the 10k mark. I kept my pace just ahead of him for the remainder of the race. However,my right hamstring start to cramp right at the end of run, right before I crossed the finish line. I was able to stretch out before it got all knotted up.
I was a fun run, there was about 3500 1/2 runners and the temps were in the mid 50's and I ran it in 2:02.

As for the guns, I brought my XD9 and AR and my brother had his Sig .40 and a Ruger .22. Blasted through a couple hundred rounds per gun, it was fun having a few guns to choose from. It was a challenge to go from shooting the .40 and then the .22 and then the AR and back to the 9, it was fun exercise.
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