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Originally Posted by RunbikeSki View Post
I realized this morning that I really need to get back to my running routine. I love the Xfit and yoga, but pounding out those miles for an hour or so provides a calming high that the shorter more intense exercise just doesn't equal. I had slowed my running in order to replace it with more mountain biking, but the biking takes a little more prep, so I haven't riden as much as I had hoped. Also our weather has been just too hot even a 6AM to enjoy a run. But the heat has broken and running shoes are whining out of loneliness
I agree about the running. Unfortunately most of my running is during the hottest part of the day! I ran for an hour today and the humidity in Va Beach is still pretty bad this time of the year. I was spoiled in Vegas! It may have been hot but it was dry and so much easier to handle!

I also swam/played for an hour tonight at the beach. Water is great this time of year! Big fish and ghost crabs not so much.
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