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Originally Posted by jacquelinepaterson View Post
Thanks a lot for taking the time to post back. Your comments have been very helpful. I was told I could increase my weight loss by increasing fibre intake. My weight loss has stalled over the last couple of days and I don't know why. Although the dietary changes I made are for life, I still also have a goal I must meet. Any advice on how to get my weight loss revved up again?
I completely get where you're coming from. Using Fitday I found out that certain foods keep me from losing weight and others actually cause me to gain weight even though I'm staying right on track with my fat-carb-pro balance & caloric intake. For me it's starchy foods & red meat, grains being the worse at causing weight gain. I've also read here that some people stall or gain with dairy, nuts & sweeteners.
Maybe you can experiment with avoiding certain types of foods for a week at a time to see if you'll get out of the stall or just look over your food journal to see if you've been eating more of something or maybe something new that could be the cause. I agree with the fiber concept b/c without enough fiber intake to keep things moving regularly I'm bloated, gain weight & sometimes feel downright yucky. I get my fiber by eating large amounts of raw veggies & salads everyday. If needed I'll take a fiber supplements but the ones with grains, like bran, only make it worse instead of better. I read one woman's post that she ups her protein and that breaks a stall for her. Lowering my caloric intake has never helped me break out of a stall.
Everyone's different but since I tend to stall-out a lot (ggrrrrr) I've been looking more closely at Fitday-tracking & finding foods that always cause a stall or a gain. Occasionally, I have no idea why I'm stalled, but when that happens it's always followed by a larger than usual weight loss for the week so I think it's just the body adjusting to this new lifestyle or resistant to let go of fat, or who knows what.
Good luck finding something that works for you Jacqueline.
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