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Well, our team did complete the 5K Row for the Cure. We had a great coxswain, which is a good thing because there were a bunch of other boats and the race course included a turn around. We came in last in our class, but our coach said we did well because we were only a minute behind the next boat instead of the 4 or 5 minutes that we might expect from the fact that half of us had only been in a sweep boat three times before the race (What he didn't mention is that the next boat was breast cancer survivors.) What I learned about myself is that I can do a race like that, but that I didn't enjoy it. Instead of excitement I felt dread. So I am going to stick to rowing and getting better and fitter and not worry about racing this season. Maybe later, when I have a year of fitness instead of a few months.

The row this morning was nice. We were in a "quad," which is a four-person sculling boat, working on technique, and the river was beautiful, with the leaves starting to turn. (One thing I don't like about racing is that all I see is the people in front of me and might as well be in a gym for all the chance there is to enjoy the river.)
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