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Originally Posted by dear_abby View Post
Hi Nightshade – why a sad face with “new here” – it is a time to be excited, you are beginning a journey which for me has made me better in so many ways! Glad to see it turned into a thumbs up by your second post!

Kaitlyn, you’re right about “there is always tomorrow”, of course, tomorrow never comes, now it is today (sorry too much zen with my coffee)

I’m in a challenge with the Y – you enter workouts and food, and the healthiest town in Eastern Massachusetts will win (not sure what they win, but bragging rights), my Y doesn’t have a chance, we’re number 25, the suburban towns on the North Shore will win, and that’s OK, I’m having fun. You get points for “workout” or “vigorous workout”, I really pushed the elliptical today to make it to the next level, 45 minutes at level 15 (there are 30 on this machine, so that’s 50% of possible). Fun machine, it changes what you should do, so you are never bored. A friend came and worked out next to me and kept me going.

Have a great weekend all!

Abby ooh its just this is all new to me and kinda stressing me out and not feeling really motivated to get up and do anything....
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