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Originally Posted by Loobie1 View Post
I managed to do 5km (3.1 miles) in 40 mins and 35 seconds, which could have possibly been a bit shorter as I had to wait for said 3 y.o to catch up a lot of the time.... lol. Not sure if this is a good time (obviously about 6 hundred other joggers and runners overtook me along the way, but still....) for me, as I am incredibly unfit at the moment....

If it is a personal best, it is a great time! You were out there moving, so that's the path to being able to say "more fit" instead of "incredibly unfit".

Ron, congratulations on missing workouts (emotionally missing them that is, no congratuations are offered on actually missing them). They do become addictive.
SW sounds like a nice set of personal best!

Thanks all for your kind words on my injury – its gotton much better – I am staying off the treadmill and wearing sneakers just to be doubly sure, but seems pretty good.

Did the videogame bike again, not an impressive ride, I went for a long one, and didn’t top my personal best, much less the ghost I was chasing. Oh well, if you had a personal best every day the ceilings would get dirty. After 25 minutes on the bike I went to boot camp class, which was also challenging.

I may have to alter my eating habits to have something to digest before these – I usually eat afterwards, but I had a really low calorie day yesterday, and maybe I needed more fuel.

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