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Jamie, trying that “masters” group is courageous! You may get to watch yourself move from least athletic to middle of the pack, amazing to be taking these steps

MzMiNi – outdoor running on a beautiful day is a wonderful treat – glad you can do it!

Loobie – that feel good exhaustion is valuable, I almost never have worked out in the evenings - some day I want to do the super powerful workout and then to bed.

So, around 11 AM yesterday my left foot started to kill me, I could barely hobble around the office, I took Ibuprofen, changed from my respectable work shoes (small heel) to sneakers, and kept going. Every step I took killed me, and the fear that I had a stress fracture, which would impact my running for a long time killed me too, so I called my doctor, and they said “sure, come in for an X ray – how about 4:20?” – couldn’t have said a better time, it’s about half a mile across downtown, the only way to get there logically is walking, but I decided I’d have to take an expensive cab ride, because I could barely walk to the ladies room. I got in the elevator, got out in the lovely air, and suddenly, found walking easy – I felt pretty silly getting to the doctors office and saying “all cured!” – she diagnosed tendonitis, and told me to cross train “don’t use this as an excuse to not work out, but I know you wouldn’t, but stay off the treadmill for about a week, and see how it goes”.

So, today I did the fun video game bike (beat my nemesis by 25 seconds!), and then the elliptical which changes programs every minute. My thighs are pleasantly sore!

Have a great day, Abby
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