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I’m back! Monday and Tuesday I added one more life complication, my sister was staying with – she’s awesome, but I did have to be polite to someone early AM – however, I cut my pre court stop at the office and got two nice runs in – it’s New England fall right now, the most beautiful season, amazing crisp air – and a touch of early color in the leaves – feels great for a sunrise run, and sunrise isn’t early. Neither run was fast, but both were hilly. Before Tuesday’s run, my sister asked “and your knees don’t bother you?” “not yet” I responded – curse her – I had to stop and walk to finish that one, and today, it’s got worse, I did a hilly 1.4 miles on the treadmill, and then switched to a bke (where I beat the director of fitness’s time!), getting off the bike a the office, when I transferred my weight to my left knee as I stepped down, it almost gave up. It’s not really painful expect when I treat it hard, so I’ll be nice to it for a few days.

Good to be back (I’ll be blogging about Jury Duty, and will send those who are interested the link, it was fascinating!)

Ron, you’ are wonderfully consistent!

Pam – you’re track intervals sound challenging – that groove is amazing when it happens.

Welcome Lady Misery! GO YOU!

Jamie – I know what you mean – I’ve never been called coordinated, nor graceful – amazing when it happens.

Kaitlyn, too bad no gym for you, I didn’t take advantage and hated every minute of gym in high school, but it sure wasn’t optional – that’s a loss.

Be Strong!
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