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Lightbulb 22, obese mom of 2

Hi i am 22 years old and 5'4''. i have a 3 year old and a 7 month old. Before i had any kids i weighed in at about 160. After my daughter i weighed 182 and felt horrible, i started taking hydroxycut and working out everday. I lost 20 pounds for my wedding and was feeling great. Then...i got pregnant with my son and gained all the weight back plus some. Weighing in at 192. I can not do this anymore! I dont fit into any of my clothes. So depressing! Currently I am 185, i would like to get down to 160 at least! Thats only 20 pounds and it should be easy but its not!! I dont want to take hydroxycut again because ive read its horrible for you. I want to do this the right way with no risks. I dont know what to do, i guess im looking for advice/support. I dont even know. I feel fat all the time and i would love to wear my cute clothes again and feel good around my husband. My daughter always says when she is full "my belly is really big like yours mommy" and it hurts so bad. She is only 3 and doesnt understand but i dont want it anymore! I dont want to be a fat mom!
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