9 Stone to Go till I am fab!

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Default 9 Stone to Go till I am fab!

Hi everyone,
Just wondering if there is anyone else in the same boat as me. I am late 30s and very over weight. I have been over weight most of my life. I lost it all in my late 20s and didnt maintain so here I am again.

Slight difference this time around is that once its off now, its staying off for good. I dont want to spend the rest of my life dieting. I want a healthy lifestyle that is easy to maintain. I have given myself until the end of November 2013 to reach my target.

Weight now: 238lbs
BMI: 43.5
Target Weight: 120lbs
Target Date: 30 Nov 2013

This means I have to loose on average 2lbs a week. I am worried about excess skin so will be scouring the forums for information on best to avoid this pitfall of weight loss.

So going on the calculator I have to eat 1820 calories a day. Very managable (if anything I will struggle to hit this!) I am also a vegetarian so have to make a real effort to watch the carbs and up the protein. Right now my carbs are shocking!

I look forward to all our combined successes!

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Good luck! Being a vegetarian makes it difficult to limit carbs because plant foods are carbs. Maybe by 'carbs,' you mean simple sugars or processed 'carb-y' foods. Carbs and protein have the same number of calories per gram, while fat has more than twice the calories per gram (9 grams vs. 4 grams). However you decide to diet, it has to work for you, long-term; maintenance is very difficult, otherwise. As you well know!
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Welcome Lass,

Glad you found us! 2 pounds a week is a good goal, but most of us have found that there will be weeks when it is 1lb and even a few when we don't lose any at all even though we are doing everything right . So don't get discouraged when things slow down. Just stick with the plan and you will see your dream come true.

BTW the excess skin thing can be a problem for some - I'll be honest. But by losing the pounds slowly, it gives your skin time to adjust to the new slimmer you - another benefit of the slow and steady plan. I suggest you start now with lots of skin lotion to keep your skin nice and healthy. Lotions that have Q10 and other ingredients promising "skin firming" do help, but I wouldn't expect overnight miracles - it you know what I mean
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