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Wow, lots of people have appersed since I’ve been away – I was spending too much time which I don’t have on this site so took a break.

Originally Posted by jjrudd View Post
When I started the beginning of March I could barely get thru 10 min and my co-ordination was awful.
Aren’t those changes amazing, I am continually marveling at “I couldn’t before” Jamie sounds like you had a similar experiece, finding yourself the stronger one.
Pam my Monday kettlebelll class provides that “if I didn’t have the obligation” effect, it works!

Cilmaen, Fullbug, Hadena, Welcome! You all seem to be working hard

Ron – What Pam Said, we need you on this thread!

Pam, rope climbing seems so like middle school torture, I’d skip that day – good for you.

Originally Posted by Hadena View Post
Wow, congrats on the rope climb, I could never do that! The rope burn doesn't sound much fun though.

And yes, I've given myself 6 weeks to be running 30 minutes continuously. From being a complete non-runner to 4 and a half weeks in, I'm doing pretty good. After that, I'd like to get a sub-30 5k. Need to get my pace up to about 2 minutes per mile faster than I'm currently doing though, but it will come with time (and clear roads...waiting to cross takes so long sometimes!).

3.5 miles today with two 1 minute walk breaks. Less distance this time, but a much smaller walk breaks, so that makes up for it. 24 minutes of general body strength exercises in an hour as well.
That sounds like a great workout, and a good plan for getting your running up – after you’ve done 30 minutes, it gets easier.

Today was a 2.7 mile run in 25 minutes (a little walking in the middle), and boot camp.

Have fun all!
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