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Default A full week

Whew! Yesterday I hit the wall.

As you might have noted I started back on the mt bike, replacing running (for the most part). I biked on Sunday, and took Monday off. Tuesday was crossfit, which wasn't terribly challenging cardio-wise, but lots of lifting. Wed I biked again and then went to yoga that evening. For those of you who think yoga is all about sitting cross legged and contimplating your navel, it isn't. We worked on a lot of standing balance poses - lots of leg and ab work.

Then Thursday back to crossfit. The warm up was an 800m run - not quite a sprint, but fast, and then the strength training was deadlifts, which I tend to forget are all about legs and hips. By the time I got to the workout, more running, power cleans, toes to the bar, and wall ball shots (about the only movement I can say that I really don't like) I was done. I ended up modifying the toes to bar with sit-ups and had to break-up the 15 wall ball shots into 3 sets of 5.

I had planned on trying a new yoga class last night, but there was no way!

Today we rest and then Saturday back to it. Since Wed is a holiday and the mountains are calling I'm heading up to the Sierra house, but I'm sure I'll get lots of outdoor exercise the rest of the week.

It's all good

Keep on keeping on everyone!
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