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Originally Posted by sw07 View Post
I'm going to talk to the gym staff to make sure they are connected to the Expresso server, I've ridden a few more times since Saturday and my account is still not updating.


I told the spin instructor (who is Mr. Fitness -former Army guy who ran fitness programs for service men) that I had a friend across the country I would be competing with on these bikes. He offered to do a ride under my profile so you'd be impressed.... I declined, shocked, whatever happened to ethics?
LOL...that would have been a funny and WTH moment all at the same time.

As for the bikes, my account still hasn't updated and I haven't got a chance to speak with the gym staff yet. I'm usually there when they aren't, I'm going in Sat morning and there should somebody there.
I also noticed one of the bikes hasn't been working (there's only 2, a sit up and recumbent). I was riding the recumbent and the screen froze up about 2 min into my ride and it was stuck on really low gear-arrrgh!! I ended up running on the tredmill instead.
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