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Default Congrats! Some of what works for me...

You're looking great - can definitely see the progress you're making! I'm also 5'8", and I'm in my forties. I love food as well. I have used it not just to enjoy, but emotionally as well - so I'm trying to stop doing that, and get some of this weight off and change my way of thinking about how I approach eating.

I can "carry" my weight fairly well, but stripped down, I see all the fat I'd like gone. Unfortunately, my husband doesn't want me to lose too much so he asked me to just lose 6 more pounds and then stop. He thinks I'll be miserable trying to maintain if I try to get any lower (or he thinks I'll just go back up - which has happened before!)

So I'm trying to be happy at the weight I'm at, but just keep plugging along. I don't want to waste any of these days I have, because tomorrow isn't a guarantee. I used to diet and exercise and stay focused on the goal only, instead of enjoy TODAY.

So my first piece of advice, enjoy TODAY. Don't wish for tomorrow. If it will come, it will.

Second, exercise. For me, I have to mix it up. I do Chalean Extreme videos - there are so many of them in the set, are a combination of cardio and weightlifting, and I go cycling outside.

And again, to get this weight off, I personally have to be strict. And I don't want to think too much about it - so I like to have a diet that is pre-planned (I'm doing Extreme Fat Smash).

Some will go a slower route - and that's awesome. I wish I was that patient. But to be honest, I love food too much. I'd rather go through a tough period of denial and hard work, and GET THERE, so then I can get to the maintenance period FASTER. But that's just me.

Bottom line, it's whatever works for you, your personality, your schedule! But the other bottom line, there's no shortcut. You DO have to exercise, and you DO have to watch what you eat.

It's hard. But you've made so much progress already! Congratulations! Chris
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