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Big landscaping push at the Mt house today. Wheel barrows of dirt and gravel, raking, chopping out some pesky shrubs that keep resprouting, and moving large rocks. Oh and a couple of new things planted.

Tunnrida, eating clean for me means no processed food, including most canned stuff like tomatoes and other veggies. The main exception to that rule is beans. I just don't seem to be able to think ahead far enough to get dried beans prepared . If it comes in a box, can, or package I try to follow the 5 ingredients rule. If whatever it is has more than 5 ingredients on the lable I avoid it.

I do eat some bread (no gluten problem) but not very much and either it is home made (bread machine) or from the bakery (following the 5 ingredient rule).

And most of my food prep is pretty simple. Grilled or baked for protein and roasted, steamed, or raw for veggies. I do use butter and several different kinds of oils in cooking and for flavoring, and will happly make salad dressings and sauces, but never buy premade sauces in a jar or package.

But as Abby noted, "clean eating" can mean anything from a strict vegan diet through paleo, to just not eating fast food.
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