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Originally Posted by RunbikeSki View Post
Back to Crossfit this AM. The field study was cancelled this week because of wind. It isn't a very good idea to set fires when the wind's blowing 25 MPH. After 2 weeks off and the race on Sat. it wasn't my best performance, but it did feel great!
Your “not best performance” is probably pretty stellar anyway, and being there is half the challenge. Please don’t burn the forests down, we need you taking care of them!

Originally Posted by sw07 View Post
Got to the gym @ 5:30am, strength training for an hour. Chest,arms & back- felt good to be up so early and pumped
My legs are still tight and a lil sore from Sundays hilly 5mile race. I'm resting for the next few days, I got a 10k planned for Saturday.
I love the early AM at the gym – my most powerful time!

Originally Posted by Kumochi View Post
Got my bike out and went for a short ride tonight. It's a start. Also walked 15 minutes to another office to pick up documents instead of driving - and did my sauna and yoga. Mary
If walking were how we got places we would solve obesity and climate change…

And NanciQ - don't say "just walking" you were doing it for an hour, thats steady movement!

I got a powerful run today – 3.5 miles in 31 minutes – which included a 3 minute cool down – I got high as a kite and started boot camp that way, they were laughing at my grin. In boot camp we finished with planks, I’d never done side planks before, but seem possible.
Stay strong!
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