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Im new here too. Just joined. The best diet i have ever tried is South Beach. Im starting it again. I was never hungry and lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks. which is an AMAZING amount of weight for me to lose considering I have hypothyroid and pcos. I have tried appetite suppressants and phentermine. I dont know if your breastfeeding or not but DONT take any of that if your breastfeeding (you prob already know that ) Phentermine is a Vaso-restrictor which means it can make you have high blood pressure or cause blood pooling/clots. I loved the way it made me feel but I had to stop taking it because my legs turned blue....uh oh! I never had an appetite suppressant work for longer than a couple of weeks. THE BEST THING I have ever found to curb my appetite is water! I know that sounds all "good for you! yum! water...shut up!" but seriously it works. I dont eat sweets or junk food real often but i do LOVE red wine and coke....not together, seperately lol! so my biggest thing is stopping drinking my calories. So water really helps me. I hope this helps. Im the fattest ive ever been in my life and im very determined to lose it right now. i know how....i just have to stick with it. btw...atkins is a joke. its high fat (not even the good kind of fat) and high sodium. South Beach is by far the best low carb in my opinion...but you know what they say about peoples opinions. Im going to shut up now.
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