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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
Actually, I do weight train. I know from experience now that I do well with a higher ratio of protein and carbs, lower on fat. Over the days, my carbs cycle naturally with the food I choose to eat and I'm not running a calorie deficit now because I'm at my goal weight, but when I did, it was 500. I do calorie cycle, though, and have been for months. I find it extremely effective.

I'm not a man, not interested in a six pack, and I have about 20% body fat, which for a female is in the "fitness" range, so I'm happy with that, though with continued weight training it may go lower. My cholesterol is 114 and my triglycerides are 43. So I'm no longer interested in carb counting or cycling other than natural variation...I realize that some swear by it and it's great that it works for them, but it definitely does not work for me and my body, and that's my point...everyone has to figure out what works for them individually.
First let me say congratulations on reaching your healthy goal!! Awesome. this was a very interesting post & I was wondering what the carb cycling is.
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