any tips for a newbie?

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I am a tennis pro but got seriously over weight because I continued to eat the same but didn't compete or train anymore. I lost 20 lbs by just creating a habit of exercising. Once I formed a habit of exercising I lost weight from that and also began to feel better about myself, so I didn't crave crap anymore. What has helped me tremendiously lately is using for keeping track of what I am putting in my mouth. It is almost like a game for me now. I enter what I ate, see how many calories I have left to eat that day. Sounds crazy but it works for me.
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To the OP, I think it's absolutely important to find what works for you, and adjust to it in small steps, day by day or even week by week so that it becomes sustainable and habitual. Find a book or online eating plan (not a "diet") that you can tweak bit by bit until it suits you. These things are never "one size fits all." Leave earlier so you can walk to class. Take the stairs. I live in LA so I even walk to the grocery store (4 blocks away) because it's such a pain to drive and find parking around here. These little things really make a big difference over time.

Another thing is to eat real food. It can be a little more expensive, but it doesn't have to be. (I know; I'm in school too and I try to stretch every dollar). You'd be surprised how much you can save buying produce, preparing meals ahead of time (Sunday night!) and taking them to school/work in Tupperware. Protein shakes are okay once in a while but they're still processed; I drink whole milk for protein instead (yeah, it's relatively high fat too, but it keeps me full longer, and it tastes better IMHO). Real vegetables, real fruits, real dairy (no sugary vending machine crap), real nuts and seeds. If you're worried about protein, look into quinoa or barley. You can prepare them like rice, but they're among the highest-protein grains around.

Finally, as has been mentioned, take up some kind of weight training. It doesn't have to be hardcore crazy, you can make do with just 20 minutes a couple times a week, and starting out you can use your bodyweight just fine. Push-ups and squats are wonderful exercises. I think there is a misconception that you have to lose weight to build muscle, but the opposite is true! The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolic rate, and the more fat you burn. You might not be able to see it at first if it's hiding under layers of fat, but rest assured, it's doing its job.

Good luck on your journey!

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Originally Posted by cephalic View Post
Zig Zag you calories if you plateau,
I'm kinda new at this. Could you please explain to me what this means?
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I think he means this: your body will get to a point(s) where it becomes harder to lose weight and the numbers (ie/ weight) plateau or stay the same. To trick your body into losing more weight you change what you are eating daily. For example if your calorie aim in your diet is normally 1600 cal/day. try, dropping to 1300 cal/day for two days. Then maybe 1700cal/day for a couple days. Change it up to keep your metabolism up.
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Originally Posted by Zehrarizvi View Post
Hey,even i started off today, ihave gaind tremendously over the last year due to unemployement,but now with my job its very hard to acuatlly join a gym and i have slight arthritis too which prevents me from doing any strenous exercises.Although i will turmn 27 in july i feel like am double my age.
I would love to have a fit-day support buddy,as my main problem is lack of consoistencty,i get bored from the same food and then i rebel
Hi! I just joined this site and am still in the process of figuring everything out...but I felt I should comment on this.

I'm 29 with severe arthritis and lupus- you can do strenous exercise with both of these. It's harder and there are some things you should stay away from, but it's still possible- so don't give up!

My knees are by far the worse due to an old injury and the bad arthritis, so my doctor has told me not to do the treadmill. Altough I am allowed to do the one at the gym that has shocks built in or something like that, but not the other ones. The machine she encourages me to use the most is the eliptical. I lost 140 lbs so far doing the eliptical and weights and eating right. Please don't give up just because of the arthritis!

One thing my doctor told me was what exercises to do that would help the pain level I have. For example, my knees don't bend straight, but on a curve which is wearing away the cartiledge which will result in a knee replacement at some point. But there is a weight machine I can use to help get things better...she told me exactly what muscles I needed to strengthen to help my knees bend straight.

Talk to your doctor for ideas on what you can do to help yourself. My doc actually went to my gym with me, told me what was ok, what wasn't ok and what weight machines I should make sure to use to help.

I would love to be "buddies" with you, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet! If you know how, send me a request or something!

You CAN do this!!
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What is carb cycling?
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