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I think that there is some very valuable advice here. However, the one caveat that I have is that you should find out what works for you and your body, so there will be some trial and error. Not all diets/workouts will work for all people (for example, I've tried the 25-35% carb thing and was exhausted, cranky, and brain-fogged, so I had to move on to something more moderate, which eventually resulted in me getting to my goal weight and beyond). Be patient with the process of experimenting and make small changes over time until you come up with a plan that works for you.

The bottom line is that fewer calories taken in than burned is going to result in weight loss, no matter what diet or exercise routine you take. You could follow the best plan in the world and if it is not something that you can sustain and are comfortable with, you won't stick with it. You will also need to be flexible enough to change over time, as your body gets used to what you do, so change it up every few weeks (this applies more to exercise than food) Best of luck to you!

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