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What I would suggest is losing the soda period, if you are craving something sweet to drink. Try getting V8 juice or any juice you like and add water to it so you don't drink all that suger all at once.

1- mix ur work out do 10 mins machine and then do repetitions of launches, crunches, light weights ect. Then jump back on the machine for another 10 mins, and repeart the launches, crunches, light weights. You should do 3 repetitions of 15 for each.

2- you can try and eat ur heaviest meal during lunch and for dinner have something like Tuna salad, small amount of grilled chicken w salad or veggies. I sometimes drink Isopure protein shake as my dinner because it keeps me full and it is great after a work out. Isopure i get has 0 carbs so I tend to add 2 scoops of light ice scream to make it creamy and yummy.

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