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Mule, I also had a long and much needed weekend, made it to the gym only once, but got wonderful walking time (at the museum and the zoo, and then wandering all over Chicago). I am not happy about discussions with the scale, but I’m blaming salt and water in the short term.

Mary, glad you’re not using absence of snow as an excuse.

Crazigerl, glad you’re going to keep spinning – it’s funny when I talk about it I say that one of the great benefits is that it is appropriate for any level of fitness, as you and your bike make it happen. My wonderful instructor (move to Boston!) always tells newbies “make it your ride, I make suggestions” – it’s challenging to try to follow all his suggestions!

I had a dentist appointment this AM so last night I said to DH “I won’t be going to the Y tomorrow, instead I’ll go for a run". He sort of whined “but I never get back to sleep when you get up at five and then are in and out of the house” – so, feeling nice, I decided to go to the Y nearer home (I don’t normally go there as the one I go to is on the way to work). It was a tight cardio area, machines right next to each other, but they were all good and functional, TV’s on each one – I’d rather be in my own thoughts, but I watched news, because it was there. Got half an hour of elliptical time, which wasn’t anything special, but better than nothing.

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