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Dar n, good luck on the job interviewing. I've got my fingers crossed for you. How crazy that you were eyeball deep in a sick child situation and then had to pull off a job interview. Oh wow, when it rains, it pours... Hugs to you honey.

April, good luck with your son this week, I've got crossed fingers and hugs for you too.

Mern, honey where are you? Did you skip town to hit Mardi Gras or are you face down in the carb bucket?

Quin, I'm glad to see you back on board, you've been missed and I think I speak for the group as a whole when I say we've been worried.

meachan, how cool that you're a composer. That's music right?

Well I have to get going, good news here is that I've talked DD into giving up sweets along with me for moral support and she's thrown "watching television" on top of that.
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