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I finally won the battle (this time) with the computer/internet. Now I'm super busy and haven't had time to eat. Not good.

I set some new Custom Nutrition Goals and I guess that'll be one of the things I shoot for this week.

Health and Fitness

1. Cals 1800-2100
2. Fat 60-70g
3. Carbs 180-210g
4. Fiber 25-40g
5. Protein 135-157.5
This works out to 40/30/30. I'll give myself a 5% swing b/c it will be nearly impossible to get it to the number.
6. Post log food EVERY DAY
7. Bench press 260#
8. gallon of water a day
9. 4 serving of fruit/veggies

10. Write 3 policies
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