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almeeker 02-06-2012 01:22 PM

7-Day Motivational Thread starting 2/6/12
Good morning losers! I had a less than stellar weekend food-wise, but the exercise business went well. This afternoon my workout partner is coming over we're going to take "before" and "after" pics of our butts & guts. Weird I know, but we're going halfsies on "The Brazilian Butt Lift" DVD's, so I told her that we had to take the pics in order to have a chance of starring on the next infommercial. LOL. Actually I just think the pics will be motivational, I don't see either of our butts getting famous. She and I have completely different figures, so it will be interesting to see if the workouts give us similar results.

Health & Fitness:

1. Calories 1,400 week days, 1,600 weekends.
2. 100 oz water.
3. 7 hours exercise.
4. Calorie deficit 5,000.
5. Protein 25% or higher.
6. Log & report everyday.
7. Last Monday 165.8. Post weight: 164

Other stuff:

1. Finish 1 rabbit cage, cut pieces for 3 more.
2. Finish my little part of the taxes.
3. Housework 45 min daily +1 load of laundry.
4. Write calendar for G.S.
5. Distribute 4-H calendar.
6. Cut out pieces for Betsy Ross costume.
7. Write and send out Valentines.
8. Write down the most wonderful thing that happened.

Mike, get walking buddy and congrats on finally eating clean.

Terri, so how did it go? Do we get a pic of you and BF dressed in drag or did you make your goal of 4 hours?

Darn, I'm not surprised that puppy duty is wearing you out. Potty training is difficult, no matter the species. Have you taken her on your hikes yet, or is she too little for all that?

Tori, how you holding up honey? This week is bound to be rough which for most of us could go in either direction (eating too much or not enough), so harness all those emotions and make it work for you, okay?

I'm sitting here with a bunny on my lap, she keeps sniffing the keyboard, I think she wants to type a message. DD brought her in, dropped her on my lap and then disappeared. Typical. Now the rabbit is trying to eat my pj's. It's time for some kibble, no question about that.

RunbikeSki 02-06-2012 01:49 PM


Originally Posted by almeeker (Post 71869)
I'm sitting here with a bunny on my lap, she keeps sniffing the keyboard, I think she wants to type a message. DD brought her in, dropped her on my lap and then disappeared. Typical. Now the rabbit is trying to eat my pj's. It's time for some kibble, no question about that.

Bunny says: vegetables people! eat your veggies!

almeeker 02-06-2012 02:08 PM


Originally Posted by RunbikeSki (Post 71875)
Bunny says: vegetables people! eat your veggies!

LOL, actually I think she was saying "feed me or I'll eat your pj's". I fed her, not that my pj's are anything special, but they're mine and ugly enough that nobody steals them.

Alright Pam, what are your goals for the week? We let you off easy last week, are you buckling down this week or what?

cjohnson728 02-06-2012 02:18 PM

Morning, Everyone
I hope everyone had a great weekend and week last week. I know I fell off the radar. Work has gotten insanely busy, at just around the same time as high school music, sports, and academic administrivia has ramped up, in addition to some home tasks that couldn't be put off any longer.

That's not an excuse. I should have been on here. Everyone else is busy, too.

I am pretty disappointed at how I've handled the past two weeks. Basically, I fell back into a pattern I assumed years ago, which was to work till the boy got out of school, have family time, then work again for a few hours after everyone went back to bed. Essentially, that left me with very little sleep, no exercise, and impulsive food choices - not horrible choices, but not taking the time to pay attention to portion control.

Basically, these past weeks have been a lesson in how to not take care of myself. I am so much happier when my health and mental well-being are a priority and I need to be accountable and start making that happen again. Things are no less busy and are about to get a bit crazier, even, but I have to do this.

That being said...tried and true goals for me this week

1. Keep calories at 1300.
2. Follow my pie chart / fiber guidelines.
3. 2 sports bottles of water.
4. Take all vitamins and supplements.
5. Sleep 7 hours, at least.
6. Exercise 6 times.
7. Check into FD 3 times daily and log everything.

8. Get info and order new faucets for MBR.
9. Change doc appts.
10. Card for pediatrician.

I feel like I need to make myself write, "I will get it together" a hundred times. I know I can do this.

almeeker 02-06-2012 02:49 PM


Originally Posted by cjohnson728 (Post 71880)
I feel like I need to make myself write, "I will get it together" a hundred times. I know I can do this.

LOL, are you going to write them in a notebook or a chalkboard? Just kidding, seriously where would you find a chalkboard anymore? I hear you on the "get it together" business, although sometimes I worry that if I do manage to get it together, no one will recognize me, myself included, either that or it will kill me. I joke with DH that if that should happen he's to put the following on my gravestone, "Here lies my beloved wife, she finally got it together and it killed her dead". All kidding aside, it's so true that for many of us "living healthy" is WORK, I really wish it came more naturally to me, but every day still feels like an uphill battle on the front line. This week my mantra is "I choose health", somehow that's easier to swallow than "I can't have this or that 'cuz I'm a fat chick on a diet".

taubele 02-06-2012 03:14 PM

Hi everyone!

Sorry for dropping off the radar after Saturday.

So guess what?! My home computer's motherboard decided to FRY ITSELF. :mad:

(Technically, I have two home computers - a desktop which is largely used for work figures/gaming and a wee little netbook which is new and for surfing the internet and such).

The big desktop decided to simply not turn on Sunday morning. It had been working FINE Saturday night, and then Sunday it was like "Hmmm... nope. I'm dead." I hit the power button and nothing. No boot sounds, no nada. It may have as well not been plugged in (but it was). Anyway, after trying everything I could think of to test it at home we took it to Best Buy. Normally we don't trust the Geek Squad, but it was the only place open on Sunday. We actually managed to get someone who knew his business, though, so he tested some of our internal components for us. I don't know how computer savvy everyone here is so I'll spare the technical details, but basically: Power supply: good. Graphics card: Good. RAM: Good. Process of elimination? Motherboard is hosed.

We took it home and took it apart and we were able to see a little distortion on the motherboard, which completely sucks and confirms that the motherboard is R.I.P. The good news is that we can salvage out some of the more expensive parts, like the hard drive (and thus my Windows system), so we'll likely be able to build a new tower for between $200-300. BF knows how to put a computer together (he's done every part except for a motherboard - and he's confident he can do it) so we'll probably go that route, but it still stinks. February, you have been a strange month.

Oddly, though, I'm developing this weird sense of zen. I'm not panicking about anything, I'm just going "Huh... well, that sucks, but we move on." Normally I'd be devastated that my Pats lost the Superbowl, too, but I had five minutes of mourning and just moved on. It's just a game, after all :) So maybe February is teaching me about keeping my calm during life's not-so-good moments. We'll see.

Amy: Read it and weep: EXERCISE TOTAL FOUR HOURS FORTY-SEVEN MINUTES. Boooo-yah! I know you were looking forward to seeing my glorious pit hair, but you're going to have to wait another week. Maybe I should take a photo of me flexing and put it up here!!! Haha!

The only bad news about hitting that goal is that I had some very uncomfortable cramping in my legs for the middle part of the week. Honestly, though, disc golf fixed a lot of that since it's a long time of low-impact walking. I think I need to realize the fact that if I cramp my ankle or legs due to high-impact exercise, I really need to do something low-impact the next day. I tend to just stop and rest it until it feels better, but keeping myself active is the only way my body is ever going to adjust to working out 4x per week, which is my ultimate goal. I know I have physical limitations, but I can work with them, and not let them define me. So I need to remember this - if I am cramping, I need to go for a walk the next day. Just a casual stroll to loosen myself up.

Cassie: Good to see you! Some week just get away from us, but you WILL get yourself in control, you know how to do this girl!!! I'm rooting for you and we're here for you.

I'm up to 161.5 this morning, but I also had nachos and beer during the super bowl >.> and I know I'm dehydrated, I feel it today. SO we will just see what the scale says on Friday! I'm feeling really committed this week, let's get to it!

Weekly Goals

Food/Exercise/Lifestyle Goals:

1) Keep calories between 1200 and 1500 daily. Week average around 1300. No single day over 1600.
2) Exercise at least four times this week
3) Calorie deficit of 5000
4) Protein 25-30% average for the week
5) In bed by 11:30 every night
6) No more than 1 lunch and 1 dinner out
7) At least 64-80 oz. of water daily. More is better.
8) Weigh in on Monday and Friday and report the weight here M: 161.5 (Superbowl, you do bad things to me)

Other Life Goals:

1) Make an effort on my appearance every day
2) Don't sweat the small stuff
3) Send in at least 5 job applications
4) Do something special for BF - he was a saint all this weekend.
5) Write something wonderful that happens every day

Let's hear it for a new week!!!

mhibdon 02-06-2012 03:25 PM

After spending the weekend getting fed by PD's parents, it is back to the drawing board. I'm maintaining and my stomach is getting flatter, but I'm still aiming for that half-marathon in December, so I better get cracking!

I'm focusing more on Weekly goals instead of Daily goals since I can't seem to check in regularly. Sorry guys! In other news, in my frat we have 28 potential new members and the sor that I'm rushing has had 250 girls apply for the 120 slots. This is gonna be intense!

2/6 - 2/12 Goals
1. 21 L Min:
2. Vitamins:
3. 10 Latte Max:
4. 25 Miles:

cjohnson728 02-06-2012 03:33 PM

Good luck with rushing, mhibdon. Crazy times ;). Sound like you're milking that college experience for all it's worth!

Terri, so sorry about your computer. When it rains, it pours, right? Your BF sounds like a man of many, cars, writing! I'd say he's a keeper. Congrats on his job; I just caught up on last week's thread, and hang in there on your own opportunity. If Ms. First choice was so stellar as to beat you out for the top slot, she may very well have her first choice anywhere, and it might not be that one. Fingers crossed, and toes, and spleen :p. Waiting is hard; glad you found your zen.

Okay, back to work! The more I get done, the more in control I feel. Carry on.

mhibdon 02-06-2012 03:47 PM


Originally Posted by cjohnson728 (Post 71894)
Good luck with rushing, mhibdon. Crazy times ;). Sound like you're milking that college experience for all it's worth!

Yup! I'm going to be here a while, might as well make it count! :p

aspikes 02-06-2012 04:00 PM

New week, new start
I'm back my friends, in need of some major motivation...

I've got about 18 pounds to lose, and am starting fresh this week with goals.

Fitness goals:
- >1400 calories daily
- 2 tervis water and 1 soda
- zumba on Thursday
- weights 2 days

Non-fitness goals:
- no nail biting
- work 30 minutes a day in spare room
- get kids sale entry done

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