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Amy I also had a good exercise but not so good food weekend I am ready for a great week also. I will be out hiking this morning and already did my walk around the block with Kaya, she cannot hike yet she needs her second shot before she can go into dog populated areas and there are a lot of dogs at the lake. I think your pics will be very motivating especially after you start to see some success.

Pam I had fruit do you think that will keep the bunny happy, lol. I hope your sleep straightens out soon have you ever tried Black cohosh? My naturopath just recommended it to me for my insomnia she says it’s probably a symptom of perimenopause I doubt it though I have had insomnia for years but if it helps I will take it but first I would like to know if it’s worked for anyone else. I hope you find something relaxing to do for the day.

Cassie I like the write it on the wall thinking but when I get too busy my note is “I am worth getting it together” and so are you. You and Amy reminded me when I was going through my health scare and not making good food or down time decisions for myself that no matter what is going on I deserve to be taken care of, it was great advice so I will return it to you.

Terri Sorry to hear about your computer. Nice job on your exercise!

Mh I never got the chance to be involved in all that fun college stuff as I was a single mom when I was your age and in school so you go and enjoy every minute for us both. I used to be so envious of the other girls who were involved in the whole college experience where as I only got the education part not that I am complaining I was blessed to have the opportunity at all but even just one frat party would have been fun.

Ashlie Hi!

Kay Great job on losing 2.5lbs.

Mike I hope you win the battle.

Fit4luv Congrats on getting 10miles in!!

I have the same goals maybe I can actually achieve them all this week. The sun is shining so my hike should be really nice, I had a plate of fruit and a protein shake for breakfast so far looking like a healthy start to the week. I hope you all have a great Monday morning.

Walk 25k:
Exercise 5 days:
Squats 5 days:
Ab work 5 days:
Calories less than 1400:
Calorie deficit of 5000 for week:
No sugar:

"If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves."
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