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Originally Posted by almeeker View Post
LOL, actually I think she was saying "feed me or I'll eat your pj's". I fed her, not that my pj's are anything special, but they're mine and ugly enough that nobody steals them.

Alright Pam, what are your goals for the week? We let you off easy last week, are you buckling down this week or what?
I will probably fall back to the old staples, water, protein, calories etc. Right now I can hardly think straight. For some reason (most likely wacky hormones - post menapausal stuff is still going on) my sleep has been all messed up for a week or more. Really wierd and intense dreams for an hour and a half, then I wake up, stare at the ceiling for a while that fall back to sleep and repeat. I am pretty sure it isn't stress - there isn't anything major going on, just the usual odds and ends at work.

I am trying to decide what to do today. I have to go in, at least for a while, to run a chemical hygiene training session, but other than that nothing pressing. On the other hand I can't really figure out what else I want or need to do.
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