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Thanks for your kind words Pam – I hope I don’t come across too boastfull here, but that’s one of the reasons I am here, I can’t talk to my friends like this, or I wouldn’t have any left! The bridesmaid dress was specifically chosen so we could use for many occassions (all brides say that, my sister succeeded) Congratulations on your Feature Article, what an interseting bio – and beautiful photo, I love the action and the background!

Rumpusparable welcome, sounds like a good routine to keep up!

Luscious, I’ve been missing you – Captain Progress and Her helpers Will and Can are here for the next phase!

Crazigerl, good work – yes logging can be quite a time eater, and add reading posts to that, it’s a wonder I ever get anything done!

I woke up with the "don wannas" (as in "I dont want to go") – we had gone out to dinner last night to celebrate our anniversary. The "Ya gottas" won. Feet hit the floor and I promised myeslf “you don’t have to do an awesome workout, you just have to do a workout” so fairly easy time on the elliptical, good 40 minutes, kept making it a little harder.
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