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Breethe those gains are exciting, and, moving for 60 minutes is something to be proud of! And then your next post, feeling things get easier you are Superman!

SW amazing when you go back and map sometimes! You can call 9.65 ten miles if you like.

Pam I know what you mean about position in the age brakcet youll be on my podium every day! Ill be rooting for you and SW

Zyxst, some are morning lifters,, some are afternoon, but getting there is the vital thing!

1 fit challenge interval swimming sounds exhausting good work!

Luscious you finished your 5K youll get that time down with persistance my first (and only, so far) 5K was just under half an hour, and I did some walking in that.

Challenging weight lifting for me today my buddy the trainer stopped by and gave me some tips, timed my planks (they are much longer than I thought I was doing!), and suggested we get some time together. I really dont feel like working, Id rather be at the gym and I dont think I ever said that before!

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