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Originally Posted by breethe000 View Post
Hit the gym today, after my usual 2 day break, and it kicked me in the pants. my warm up jog went as planned; but when i moved on to lifting i just couldnt finish my last set in 80% of my lifts. oh well first "bad" day in a while, tomorrow all cardio wooo!
Yup, that happens sometimes. Sometimes I can figure out why or identify a specifc reason... other times, well it's a mystery. I hope cardio will go well.

Originally Posted by kimbur96 View Post
Just got home from the gym. Did back and biceps today followed by 30 minutes on the elliptical.
Nice - how are those biceps lookin' these days? I am one of those people who believe if it isn't outdoors it ain't exercise - that is until I discoverd X-fit. But a couple of weeks ago I was at a conference and outdoor running wasn't really and option so I played on the elliptical and I gotta say I really enjoyed!

Originally Posted by crazigerl View Post
I tried a beginner bootcamp today, I felt good as I kept up. Thought I could take on the world after the class and could of hugged any one who walked in front of me. I'm hoping that's what a runner's high would feel like.
Whoohooo - you go girl. Yup, you got the runner's high! Watch out it is highly addictive

Originally Posted by lusciousL View Post
The computer ate my post as well

Anyway I lost weight and also several measurements showed a decrease, and my bf thought the skin on my back and belly felt looser. Not that I want to have loose skin but at least my plodding on pays off
Awesome! That lose skin will tighten up, I promise. Just get the BF to give you regular massages with a nice toning lotion or oil... it'll have multiple benefits .

Originally Posted by dear_abby View Post
Urban –t hat extra mile “cause I felt pretty good” is a nice touch – and the weekly total is a nice thing – I’ve been tracking mine keeping my annual on a spreadsheet since January 1.

Good work Pam – I love 6 AM workouts – I feel so superior to the rest of society!

Breethe – welcome –we don’t all get a personal best every day.

Kimbur – keep it going!

Crazigerl – yes, that’s what a runner’s high feels like, and they last – I get them for many activites, some people just for running.

Lucious –results feel good!

I saw a nice number on the scale today – I’m calling it 155, but could have been 154.9 – anyway – it is the first time it was deciding where to balance below the 155 line. I’m having a party when I move the big weight (the 150 – on the balance scale at the gym) – you are all invited, we’ll have water, and fresh fruit, and dance at our computers!

It was a wonderful spin class today – “Race Day” – we don’t know what each other is doing on their bikes – but the plan was to try to give your all, all class – and I worked very had. This was followed by breakfast with an insurance broker, and I did my best to not blow it – yogurt (but it was strawberry, lots of sugar, fruit, and they brought a side of granola with it which I should have not eaten, but I did).

Be strong!
You are so right about being ready to take on the world after that 6 AM workout. I always feel great after the 8AM workout, but there is something about starting just as the sun is coming up that feels special. Wonderful news on the weight - hip,hip hooray! Can't wait for our cyberparty.

I am definitely feeling yesterday's work out - everywhere. Shoulders, back, abs, legs - it really kicked my butt. This evening I have yoga, but the Friday class is usually pretty mellow and the teacher will allow us to do as much or as little as we wish.

As I am in a taper for my race I will mostly work on lengthening the tight muscles.

Great job everyone... have a wonderful, healthy Friday!
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