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Hi friends,

I wrote a beautiful reply yesterday, but my computer ate it so reporting in a nice half hour run plus a half hour boot camp class,

And you all so nice to see so many people checking in

Pam, you jump by greatly increasing the energy for a short time its metaphorical! And Crazigerl, yes we do hillls, and pyramids, and races, its all nuts! Tomorrow is a race day

Mallen welcome it gets easier

Slocupcake, love that after work out feeling!

Luscious, Pams right, it is a matter of doing a little more than you can do each day! Its also intersting, what I used to consider a serious run (10 minute mile) is now a jog.

LMB 2011 Welcome! I hate the jump rope, always end up flogging myself!

Take A Hike, the ropes are scary enough, trampolines can kill you (but maybe youre not clutzy like me!)

I just finished a run, it started pretty slow, 6.4 MPH, never got much faster, but never got much slower, I hit 5 K at 28.35 which seems to be about normal for me. I kept going longer than I usually do that was good got through 41 minutes and 4.3 miles (that included a cool down walk). Runners high really happened, I dont know if its chemicals or ego but it feels good.

Be strong!

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