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Originally Posted by lusciousL View Post
Saturday was 6.4 kilometer/ a little shy of 4 miles, 15 min run 1 min walk, and in the 15 min some sprints and hills, repeated 3 times, weighed today, nothing changed, measures waist, lost 3 cm/just a lil more than 1 inch.

Yesterday my bf made a short body shot video and I swear I look less flabby,so, even though it all goes VERY slow I am motivated to go on.

Today another run, will report back later

Ow and I bookmarked a few sites with several exercises without any equipment needed to do at home, now I need to start doing some

The easiest to incorporate in daily life core stability exercise: walk upstairs!
I love your enthusiasm Luscious

Originally Posted by Urbanmule View Post
3 miles easy today
Urbanmule I am so jealous, however I promise you one day I will say 3 miles easy today

Originally Posted by dear_abby View Post

Crazigerl, isnít Burpees with a Bosu a band?

Today I spun, it was a hard class with lots of jumps, and I feel pretty good about it. I followed up with my core work Ė crunches on the decline bench with a weight, oblique twists on a ball, and the captainís chair.

Abby, the bosu is a half exercise ball on a board. Usually use them for core stability.

For spinning don't you do hills. I love the captain's chair. That looks like a good workout.

Pam, I just have a relationship of hate right know for the burpees.
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