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I just got back from the Y--got in my two miles on the treadmill.

Quinn, I hope your blizzard passes quickly and safely. I like your nice, simple goals this week.

April! Kudos on the extra workout Saturday evening! Aw, that's so sweet that you got praise from your DH, too. Wow! 7lbs. lost in one week! Fabulous! And you did all that with portion control on your foods in white! More power to ya! You're doing something right! I'm really happy for you. Yes, I am being more strict this week to earn that Cracker Barrel fish dinner. Then I have to think of a reward (non-food, though) for next week. Maybe treat myself to a movie or something. I lost my holiday weight gain, but am still 10 1/2 lbs. heavier than my last weigh-in at the doctor's office September 1. I REALLY want to lose that by my next appointment on February 22. If I can do that, at least I will not have a net gain. I will discuss my gain in between with the doc, though--not trying to hide it from her--that would be so juvenile. I want her to know I think dropping my protein intake adds to my regains. I really do expect my cholesterol and triglycerides to be down even further, even if my blood sugar average is a little higher.

Mike, I like your "Count" theme. Gave me a nice chuckle and your goals are quite good. Good for you for putting some fun into your goals, too.

Cassie, thanks for your encouragement on my tweaking. I like how you put that: no treats MASQUERADING as snacks. Yeah, that's exactly what I've been doing to sneak in a small bite of a cookie--and then I use up a lot of calories and carbs on that teeny little bit of food, leaving me hungrier than usual in the evening. Nice to have a buddy working on that same issue.

Amy, that's great that y'all got to go skiing. That must burn a lot of calories! Good job thinking things through and deciding what you must do to keep tighter grip on the reins. OMG, it's hard, isn't it? "Ah, ah, ah" for The Count. My now 25 year old grandson used to walk around mimicking The Count when he was a preschooler. I had forgotten all about that until your post.

fit4luv, glad you're feeling better. That's great that you have your Health Group. Heck yeah--you just report the way that's best for you. It's great that we have the freedom in this group to do things whatever way is best for each of us. I can't stick to a weight loss diet of really low calories--can't handle anything under 1500 without feeling very deprived, then when I reach my weight goal and start adding back calories, I gain it all back again. I figure this way it'll take me a lot longer, but along the way I'll learn out of sheer habit how to eat healthfully and keep the weight off. Oh, golly, I certainly DO agree with you that "nutrition is quite a mosaic of portions." I spend at least half an hour a day on FitDay's nutrition tracker logging my food and trying to figure out what I should eat, what I can eat, and the portion sizes to fit into all my nutrition targets.

Lizzie, great attitude that this WILL be a good week for you. I know you can do it.

Kay, we have an unseasonably warm day in my part of Ohio today--supposed to get in the low 50s. What's with your eye? Pink eye coming along with the sore throat? Hope you have a speedy recovery! Wow, great treadmill goal! I know you can "get 'er done."

Joanna, best wishes on your food and fitness goals as well as on finishing your courses.

MH, congrats on your election to the executive position. I like your simple goals!
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