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ToriD1012 01-23-2012 11:41 AM

7 Day Motivational Thread Starting 01/23/12
Okay, I'm up early (shocker!!!!) so I figured I'd start us off this week. I'm down exactly 4 lbs. this week. **doing silent happy dance** I'm like Amy was a couple of weeks ago, I'm all fired up and hope you guys are too. I don't plan on changing much to my goals. I like to keep them simple, and there's not really a reason to change what seems to be working.

1--under 1300 calories
2--drink more water--not setting an actual goal for oz, seems to get me frazzled if I don't make it. So I'm just gonna say, drink more water.
3--walk at least 10 miles--now that I've strapped on my "walking shoes" I'm kinda liking it. Gives me time to think (scary huh??? :eek: )
4--work out 4 times--I'm gonna hit this goal this week if it KILLS ME!!!
5--another 2??? Starting weight Monday morning--215.6

1--clean out office
2--get by WalMart and buy cables to hook up DVD player
3--stop worrying about it. It's gonna happen whether I want it to or not.
4--call Dr. about blood work and asthma meds
5--scout out a new eye dr.--don't ya love when the insurance stops paying for you to see the same dr. you've seen for 7 years!!! And he was cute....sigh, stupid insurance

Catch up with you all after work!

Mern 01-23-2012 12:26 PM

Tori, such a great job last week! Congrats on that!

Doc had told me in September that even though my blood test showed my protein level was just fine, she didn't think I needed the 120g dietary protein intake I was used to. Well, I weigh more now than I did in September, even after losing my holiday gain. I'll still ALLOW myself 1600 calories, which is where I want my "lifestyle calories" (as opposed to fewer "dieting calories") and at my current weight that still gives me a daily calorie deficit of around 750 per day. BUT with protein bumped back up to 120g per day, I SHOULD see I'm eating fewer total fat calories. Maybe that'll help--we shall see.

Simpler goals this week:
Calories 1600 daily max
Sat fat average 12% of total calories max
Net Carbs 25g daily max
Fiber average 25g
Protein average 120g
Cholesterol average 300mg max

No cheat foods at all even if they fit into my target numbers
Exercise 5 times
60 oz. water

cjohnson728 01-23-2012 01:21 PM

Morning, Tori; thanks for getting us started. I hope you have a great day, and big congrats on those four pounds!!

Mern, loving your thoughtful reasoning as usual. Best wishes on your week!

Food and Fitness:
1. 1350 calories max.
2. Exercise 6 times.
3. At least 2 sports bottles water.
4. Log everything and post that number!
5. No treats masquerading as snacks, even if they fit the numbers (thanks, Mern!).

1. Organize/put away items in guest room.
2. Stay on schedule with work reports.
3. Research and order faucets.
4. Write card for pediatrician.
5. Be patient, be patient, be patient.

almeeker 01-23-2012 01:32 PM

Awesome Tori, thanks for getting us fired up this morning, and here's to hoping I can follow suit (salute coffee cup style). I'm not quite awake, but my body is not screaming in pain either, which is awesome and sort of crazy, because we spent yesterday on the slopes. In the past it's taken me the better part of a week to stand upright again after a day like that. What is also crazy is that we had a warm front move in overnight, and the 12" of snow we had on the ground yesterday is totally GONE. The house however, looks exactly like a ski shop exploded in here. Things got soggy out there last night, so all the ski gear was wet, and is now spread out all over the house drying (hopefully). It's a real eyesore let me tell you, and kinda stanky. The kids have the day off from school, so maybe they can help me Fabreeze and pack up the ski junk later today. Although getting them to "help", will probably take more effort than it's worth. :rolleyes:

Health & Fitness Goals:

1. 1,400 calories daily + WEEKENDS!!!
2. 100 oz water + WEEKENDS!!!
3. Calorie deficit 5,000 total.
4. Exercise 7 hours.
5. Log everything, INCLUDING WEEKENDS!!!
6. Weigh daily and post, INCLUDING WEEKENDS!!!167

Other Goals:

1. Finish painting rabbit cage and put wire on, buy materials for 2 more.
2. Call sheet metal guy and get poo pan ordered.
3. Housework 1 hour daily + 1 load of laundry, INCLUDING WEEKENDS!!!
4. Cross 10 things off the "list".
5. Order parts for elliptical.
6. Write Valentine letter and work on photo.

When I first started doing all this I discovered "breakfast" was my worst problem. Once I got that straightened out I fell in to a new bad habit called "afternoon snacking". Recently I've gotten a really good handle on that, but have had to finally admit to myself that my biggest problem is the weekend. It seems like no matter what I tell myself, and what I've learned about this process, my natural tendencies gravitate toward obesity. The minute I loosen the grip on the reins, I'm completely out of control. Ugh.

almeeker 01-23-2012 02:00 PM

Tori, I just finished reading last week's thread and you mentioned that your knee is acting up a bit and you don't know why. Mine do that regularly, old injury for me too. Have you checked the barometer? I'm very sensitive to pressure changes, you might be too. I don't need to check the barometer, I just rub my knee and say, "yep, gonna rain some, Tuesday m'bee". My mother says it "old age", but I've been like this all my life. I know 48 hours in advance of when it's going to rain or snow.

fit4luv 01-23-2012 02:11 PM

Good Morning!
My FIT Challenge week is now Thurs thru Wed due to my current Health Group that meets on Thursdays. So I hope that's OK with you all that I post accordingly.

I'm decreasing miles per week as I'm increasing Toning. At some later date, I plan to increase miles again.

FIT Day Challenge [Thurs to Wed] * FitDay Check-in: Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun(off)-
My week differs due to when my Health Group meets. Sun = "Cushion" Day.
Daily = x6/wk

Faith & Fun daily
**Audio Bible ~ x3/6
**Hlth Group workbook (complete chapters by Thurs)~
*Treat Self (non-food) ~ x4/6

Support weekly
* 1st Place Hlth Group
1. Encourage 1 member ~
2. Attend Thurs.~

INTAKE (4) Nutrition daily
**Non-Starchy Veg. (4 serv.) ~ N (Sick)-Y-Y-Sun "off" -
**Fruit (1.5 serv.) ~ Y-Y-Y-Sun "off"-
*Water (32 oz) ~ N-N-N-Sun "off" -
*Vit & Fish Oil ~ Y-Y-Y-Sun "off"-

TRAIN (3) Weekly Tally
**Aerobic (120") ~80"
**Pedometer (10 mi) ~ 8.43
*Tone x3 ~x2/3

Lizards13 01-23-2012 02:17 PM

Tori. Fantastic loss, You've not had the post Christmas slump like I have. Keep it up girl.

Amy. Me + weekends= disaster. It's like a green light comes on and it's all systems go for all those foods that are way too bad for me, because I can't eat them in moderation. Then there's the wine, the nights out, the nights in, all traps for me. However you and I HAVE lost weight so there must have been weekends when we got it right. If I could have 3 good ones a month I'd be happy.
Didn't get to weigh in this morning as I was late, at work now but I'm putting my goals
together and will post soon. This Will be a good week, it has to be, I've been slacking since November.

Kay_in_PA 01-23-2012 02:22 PM

My kids had a two hour school delay this morning because we had some sleet and snow last night. I was glad for the extra sleep, but now I'm feeling off. My right eye is irritated and swollen and now my throat is feeling scratching and irritated too.
I guess that means my number one goal this week is to not get sick!

My goals:
-Keep carbs, fat and protein at 40/30/30.

-Plan and prepare ahead so I don't come home at 5:00 having no idea what I'm doing for dinner.

-Drop another pound (I'm starting the week at 152)

-Walk 20 miles on the treadmill. I really enjoyed the exercise last week, so I think this is very doable.

-Strength train with kettlebells at least 2x

- Complete homework and final paper for one class and midterm exam for my other class.

- Clean house and deal with paperwork & bills.

Lizards13 01-23-2012 02:27 PM

Not changing much re my goals this week, just hope I can register lots of green by next Monday

1. Log everything and stay below 1200 cals
2. 30 mins ex at least 5 days
3. Eat more vegetables and less carbs
4. Only 1 chocolate (my kiss) per day
5. Wine only on weekend


1 Log on to start my online course in TEFL
2 Decide on a holiday towards the end of this year with just BF and me.
3 Throw out my large collection of old bras in various sizes that really don't fit anymore N
4. Contact those friends I haven't spoken to for some time and organise a few get togethers.
5. Decide on wedding date.


bojibridge 01-23-2012 02:27 PM

I'm in for the week! I think maybe this week I'll actually post some goals instead of just hanging around.

1.) <= 1400 calories/day
2.) Drink more water! (Been failing at this)
3.) Finish Astro 530 HW (Wed.)
4.) Finish Astro 585 HW (Thurs.)
5.) Finish Abiol 574 HW (Wed.)

Maybe I'll add more later.

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