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Sunday I did a little interval type running in the woods, there was a path paved with sand and as a treat I took off my shoes and did the last 10 minutes on bare feet, it was a little cold on the feet, a few passers by laughed or made comments, but it felt very natural and playful, instant joy

I like the fact that running with bare feet forces you to land on the forefoot, something I find hard to do in running shoes. Somehow it makes me feel like I'm about to fall over and the steps become very small in length.

In total I spent an hour outside, I think I did 50/50 on the running and walking.

However I had forgotten to take a towel with me so I had to go with the soles of my feet covered in sand into my socks and shoes again, hmmm, that was a another matter of just do it, besides going for a run in the first place lol (I've never loved exercise for exercise sake, just for play, like volleybal, badminton, you know all these leisurely things)

Anyway after that I had an hour bikeride to get home (bike had come with me in the back of bf's car)

Today I ran 5 kilometer / a little over 3 miles in 2 parts, each part consisting of 10 min easy jog, 4 min a little faster, 3 min another bit faster, 1 min full throttle. I felt a nice tingling in my legs when I got back home, then stretched, and ate a big bowl of salad with a can of tuna.

Then I went into fantasy mode and made a 10 K route on the computer, with the idea to walk run walk my way up to finishing the route in an hour time, hopefully somewhere in the year 2012

Sorry for the long post, I felt like sharing
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