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Originally Posted by bettmrr View Post
Hey there,

While browsing the threads today I spotted this one from aug 2010 thought it may be good to get it up and RUNNING again.

I try to workout most days and I'm very proud of myself when I do! I feel our efforts deserve to be recognised.
Alas this is not the most interesting topic for social interactions and I fear i'd have no friends left if I was to go on about it with them.

So we can use this spot to;
-give urself a well deserved pat on the back (or not as the case may be);
-get motivated when ur feeling less energetic;
-Own up when you've phoned it in or been lazy
-share tips and rate workouts.

I am a home exerciser for the most part. So far today I've done a 3.5mile walk but I plan to do more when I get home from work.

Anyone else care to share?
I have been doing less cardio, since I have been in my muscle building and strength phase. Been keeping it short 1-1.5 miles. Today did 1 mile @ 7min. Would like to cut it down to 6:00 though. Back in the day when I was skinnier, I would run @ about 5:30/1m (or 17:00=3m), but I know with my muscle weight, that won't happen.

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