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Off you goUrbanmule – running in the snow – which storm system are you part of?

Pam, I’ve had some great workouts in hotel fitness rooms – I feel more like I’m playing than the “gotta do it” I sometimes get.

Nice ride Luscious!

HC, thanks very much for the cleaning advice, I don’t plan to use anything other than water, but that can still get gross if allowed to! I figure particularly the mouth piece will need regular disinfection, and this is something never to share!

I actually haven’t used it yet – I’ve had two nice outdoor runs since I got it, but, after unwrapping it, and thanking DH (it was really thoughtful of him to figure it out for me, the hints were somewhat subtle) I hung it on a hook in my closet A few days later I dressed for a run, and it wasn’t there. I took everything out of the closet (always interesting) and it wasn’t there, so I went without. I admitted to DH that I couldn’t find it, and he suggested maybe one of us had put it in the attic with luggage as it looks like a backpack (but I remembered hanging it in my closet!), searched the attic to no avail, it was starting to get weird, I was visualizing highly specialized burglars, when DH found it, hanging on a hook, in another closet. Maybe I can try it out now, it’s bright, clear and cold out – but not the bitter cold we’re going to get (7F tonight)

Let's see if I can pull off a Saturday run!
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