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Originally Posted by dear_abby View Post
Urbanmule I'd find it hard to be obedient to a schedule, but Pam seems wise, don't argue with results.

Today was my good run day - I ended up on one of the treadmills with all kinds of fancy programs, so I set the 5 K loop - started off fast with a little elevation, and low and behold, it was 26.38 minutes when the loop finished - Woo Hoo!

Then, since I had more time I hit "random hill" - that's a trip - it throws a hill and adjusts the speed, suddenly you're struggling up, you'll never make it, then you're at the top, so why not go faster? Reality might be as good.

Well, off to breakfast with an insurance broker ... hate having routines like my yogurt and fruit broken.

OMG Abby.
You are awesome... 26.38 min 5K. WOW

Off to CrossFit... I really, really wanted to stay in bed the morning. In fact I blew off the 6:00 class (which I needed to do so I could get into work early) but am heading for my usual 8:00 anyway. BLAH some days are like that .
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